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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2

I've debated all day whether or not I was going to tell you all what this date is to us.  Since it's actually been a pretty good day I will go ahead.  June 2 is our little girl's due date.  One of my friends who, like me, has had multiple miscarriages said to me once that it's not right that those of us who have lost babies have two days of remembrance.  The one we found out they were lost, and the day which was to be their due date.  I agree, it's not right! But on the other hand I'm actually doing really well with today.  There were a few minutes this morning that I teared up, but overall it's been a good day. I'm sure there will be other June 2nd's in my future that aren't as easy, but this first one I gave completely to God.  It is His will that today was not as tough as I imagined it might be a few months ago.  So for that, I thank Him.  I also thank Him that our little girl gets to celebrate what might have been her first birthday with a party in heaven!

Here is what's going on adoption-wise.  Yesterday I sent off our fingerprints, $36, and our request for FBI back-ground checks.  We have heard that it can take as long at six weeks to get these back, so prayers are appreciated for speedy delivery!  Today I had my TB test read, and it's negative so we will be able to get the last of our medical statements back by Monday hopefully.  With this we are one step closer to having our home-study complete.

Next agenda items: Garage sale June 18th!!!  Donations for the fundraising sale are greatly appreciated!  If you need them picked up let us know and we will figure it out.


  1. You are in my heart and prayers! Always! But especially today. Love ya girl!

  2. Much love and many hugs to you. And the prayers won't stop :)