Retro Spring


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 3

Here we go!  (by the way I am seriously proud of myself.  If I could stick to my diet like this...well, I'd be lighter!)

1. Pray for Danny.  We don't know what he's doing (hopefully sleeping at this moment!) but we pray that he is happy and healthy.
2. Pray for the FBI to hurry up...I learned today this can be a 9 week process, not a 6 week one.  This means it will be August before our Home Study is completed and that is not acceptable to this impatient momma!
3. Pray for fundraising: we are about to embark on our biggest fundraiser yet.  Please pray for the people we ask to donate time, location, goods, services, etc. to our dinner & silent auction fundraiser.  The goal for this event is in the neighborhood of $10,000 so that's a lot of praying!
4. RAIN!  Totally unrelated to our adoption, but we are in desperate need here in South Texas.
5. I'm being very vague here, but we are also requesting prayers for both of our jobs right now.  I can't go into specifics but there may be some changes afoot.

Thanks friends!  We love you and hope to be back later this week with news that something has moved along in the process.