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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 1

* I am going to try to post every Sunday with our prayer requests for the coming week and any additional info we want to share.  Check back next Sunday to see if I can keep up!*

It's coming, it's COMING!!!  Our garage sale is coming!  We have a PACKED garage.  I'm not kidding, I can't even move in there right now, and yet we have more items offered that we will hopefully be picking up and putting somewhere (my living room?) later this week.

Another Reece's Rainbow family had their garage sale this weekend and raised almost $2,000!!!  I was hoping for about $500 to cover all the fees we will have shipping paperwork all over the world.  If we can even do half of what they did it will be a blessing beyond my wildest dreams!

Here are the requests for this week:

1. Rain  (while this is completely unrelated to our adoption our city is in dire need.  And actually, it would be great for it to rain before the sale next Saturday to cool things off a bit!)
2. Paperwork: we are still working to collect a few items that our social worker needs to complete our home study.  Pray we have them to her in the next few weeks.
3. FBI Back-Ground Checks: still waiting for idea how long they take, but we are at stand-still without them.
4. Danny: he is on my list every prayer I pray.  Is he on YOURS?
5. Other Reece's Rainbow you know someone who might be interested in adoption? What about you?
6. Our Garage Sale!!!!

Thank you so much friends!

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