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Monday, June 27, 2011

order of events

A good friend of mine asked today what the order of events is in our adoption and also pointed out to me that she is probably not the only one that's curious.  So I thought I would share here.  Honestly I've been asked this a lot lately, so it's nice to only explain it one time and hopefully ALL the world will read it here.  (Dreaming, huh?)

I'm fast forwarding to where we are today:
1. Get FBI background checks back (hopefully sometime in the next 2-3 weeks)
2. Get homestudy completed
3. Send homestudy to our agency for Hague certification
4. Submit huge packet of paper to USCIS for approval (this can be a 2-3 month process)
5. Get approval from USCIS
6. Send second huge packet of paper, called a Dossier, to our country
7. Meet Danny!!!  (I am really excited about this)
8. Formally agree to adopt him...don't worry he is on hold for us
9. Court....luckily we don't have to be present for this
10. Get final approval and go pick him up!

So while this is down to "only" 10 steps remember that everything in our dossier must be notarized and apostilled which is another trip to Austin.  Our agency will review everything and make sure it's all good before it gets sent off.  If I've counted correctly and not missed any steps we are still about 4 months from meeting Danny (October-ish) and 6 months, at the earliest, from being able to bring him home.  Absolute best case scenario is December I think.  The good news is God is bigger and better than me and has the power to move this along.  Remember yesterday's prayer request of things moving faster than they currently are?  Now do you understand why?!?!  I'm impatient!  And I want my boy here before his 4th birthday which is right after Christmas.  For that matter I he is all I want for Christmas!  So please pray for us and him every day.

In other VERY EXCITING news we have a tentative date for our Dinner & Silent Auction.  I am so excited to share more details in the coming weeks as we get everything planned out.  Do you know a business owner or creative person who might be willing to donate to the auction?  Please send them my way!

Thanks friends!


  1. I know you aren't as far from Austin as we are, but we used a lawyer's aid to get our apostilles done. They are wonderful! And MUCH cheaper than driving! Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Thanks Jamie! I'm such a control freak (and it's really only an hour and half) that I guess I will keep doing it myself. Hopefully it's only one more trip at this point!

  3. Can I ask why you don't have to be present for court? I am curious because I thought the parents had to be there for questioning by the judge.