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Thursday, June 16, 2011

how we got here -- part 3

Check out parts 1&2 if you haven't read them yet!

Remember I mentioned Mary in part 2?  Mary is mother to Mya, an amazing little girl who has Down Syndrome.  As we went through January, February, and March we got to know their family better and better.  Mya and Wes were instant friends, and she called him Man for the longest time. Mary jokes that her daughter will steal husbands if their wives let her! If you ever sit in our section at church you can't help but know who Mya is...she is like our Welcome Wagon!  She is the most friendly, out-going, loving person I've ever known.  Did I tell you she is only 5?!?!    Since we lost our little girl Mya has literally rocked our world.  There have been a few weekends we haven't gotten to see her and it's amazing the difference in those weeks.  They are certainly not as bright!

One Sunday in March we went to lunch with our giant group of friends who are all like family.  While we were sitting there Mary told me about Reece's Rainbow.  When we got home that afternoon I told Wes about it and looked them up.  After some discussion I decided to send them a email, because we were intrigued.  Literally 20 minutes went by and my questions were answered...on a SUNDAY!  While we had spoken about adoption before that day we truly felt God was leading us to wait until we had biological children.  Imagine our surprise when we found out we could work on both at the same time if we looked at kids from a specific country in Eastern Europe.  It was like the prayers we had been praying since we got married were being answered...and when you ask God to show you what His purpose is for you watch out!  It will not be what you expected!

Still not completely convinced we took a few more weeks to think about it, talk about it and pray about it. During those weeks I spent most of my time on Reece's Rainbow's website looking at all those precious faces.  My heart was breaking for them, knowing what their lives will be like if they stay in orphanages and institutions in their countries.  Frankly, it's a bleak existence.

While we were on vacation in early April we finally decided to move forward and pursue an adoption.  Danny came to the top of both of our lists quickly after that.  The following Monday I contacted an agency and we began the process of adopting our son.

We couldn't be more surprised or thrilled that our first son will come to us through adoption.  It's also a shock that he has Down Syndrome, as we NEVER saw that one coming!  But we can't wait to bring him home to Texas.  We also look forward to seeing what else God has in mind for us.  Two kids was our original limit, but the more we talk about it the more kids we see in our family.  For the record my plan still only includes birthing two, however God has laughed at my plans a lot in recent months!

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  1. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

    God does tend to laugh at our plans. I said I would NEVER marry a military man!! Well...the rest is history.

    After Trayce was born, I said only one more pregnancy, and well, kinda been rethinking that one lately. Not sure yet. Just waiting to see what God has for us.

    Will be praying for an amazing garage sale tomorrow. You guys are awesome!