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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thank an 11 year old

I got a message from a friend today who is also adopting from Danny's country.  In fact they will be meeting their son just two weeks before we meet Danny!  How awesome is that? 

Before I tell you about my message I think you should know this: there is something I want to tell you about this adoption community.  We support each other.  It's amazing.  Many of the donations we have received have come from other families in our situation who truly and honestly probably need the cash themselves.  And yet, they give.  With cheerful hearts, they GIVE.  If you are considering adoption but think you can't afford it please remember that God prepares those He calls to this journey.  Both emotionally and finanically.

This is what the message said: "Jessica, our 11 year old daughter decided to donate to Danny today."  Here are some interesting facts about this family: they have 5 daughters ranging in age from 2 to 21, and they are adopting their first son.  Dad lives and works many hours away from home to provide for his family, after being unemployed for 18 months.  Mom works very hard schooling the girls, as well as taking care of their youngest who has Down Syndrome, as well as fundraising tirelessly for their adoption.  And their in between girls are amazing....and are choosing to give up their Christmas gifts this year because of the adoption.  Something else you should know....this 11 year old really and truly thought about and considered what she was doing when agreeing to forego gifts.  This mom's prayer is that her daughter's hearts will break for God and for all that breaks His heart.  {I think her prayer is working!!}

So....thank you sweet 11 year old!  I'm sure that there are many, many, things you could have had with the generous donation that came to Danny today.  But you already know that your gifts are to come.  Here, when your sweet brother comes home in the spring....and in Heaven when God has finished using your sweet heart here on earth.  Your maturity is to be admired.  Your heart is so wholesome and pure and I pray that it always stays that way.  Thank you so much for loving our son as much as I know you love your new brother!

Thank you.

**If you would like to follow the Lindquist family journey you can on their blog here: Obeying God's Call**

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