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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am sooooo late to this bandwagon, and yet I've been so incredibly blessed this year that I can't avoid the topic any longer.  Here is a sampling of the things I (Jessica) am thankful for from 2011.

1. My husband.  He is amazing and I am more in love with him every day.
2. Our jobs.  God has blessed us in more ways than I ever imagined possible this year.  We are so blessed that every penny we have needed so far has been there, and we have been able to help others who are on this path as well which is such a gift.
3. Our family.  I can't say enough about how loving and supportive they have been as we have walked down this adoption road.
4. Our friends.  Ditto above.
5. Reece's Rainbow.  I had never heard of RR before March, and yet this adoption family has become so important to our little family.
6. Andrea Roberts. Reece's mother.  Without her we would never have found our son.
7. Our facilitators.  Have answered more questions, late night emails, read drafts of applications, probably been incredibly annoyed by me.  And yet not a single complaint!
8. Our home.  While I have moments that I dream of a larger house I know this is the home God intends us to bring Danny home to.
9. Mya.  The angel who has ultimately led us to Danny.
10. Angel Tree and the ability to advocate for Dexter.  (He's a cutie!  Are you his momma?)

So there you have it.  We are so incredibly blessed and thankful for His provision.  And once Wes gets home I'm going to try (no promises) to get him to write a "thankful" post as well.

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