Retro Spring


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

we got new pictures!!!

Ok, not exactly, but I got the full length shots that the head shot photos were edited from for Reece's Rainbow.  Want to see them?  I've added optional captions for your entertainment.  The first one is his baby pic.  I find him to be quite cute!

1. Hi Mom!
2. It wasn't me!  I have not had any cookies.  Promise!
3. Aren't I the cutest kid ever?!?!?  

This next one is more recent.  We don't know exactly when it's from, but I'm assuming it's from early this year when his medical report was updated.  

1. Get this scary doll away from me
2. Ugh.  I know I'm cute, but stop taking my picture already!
3. Why am I wearing girl pants?!?!?

Final caption: Don't forget about Dexter on the Angel Tree!  $35 gets you an ornament for your tree and cookies from me.  First batch is going out tomorrow, and I would love to make it a double batch!


  1. So adorable...such a sweetheart!

  2. seriously....he is just so darn cute makes- me smile so big! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE PICTURES OF YOU HOLDING THAT LOVE MUFFIN!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!

  3. What a cutie pie!!!

    Will you be posting how your Scentsy party went for Danny? Just curious. :D