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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 22

I was really hoping to be here giving away our travel dates...even though that's a bit dangerous in this day and age what with break-ins and all.  But I don't have them yet!  I am as disappointed as you are, don't worry.  We are hoping to get them next Friday.  Here are this week's prayer requests

1. Danny.  Please begin to pray for his transition from institution life to family life
2. Dexter....have you considered donating or adoption?
3. Wes will be travelling home next weekend!
4. I have a big deal working that I should hear about this week.  While I would really love to get everything we proposed I think that's a long please pray God's will be done.

That's it!  Pretty short and sweet list this week.  We genuinely appreciate you praying with us for 22 looooonnnnnnggggg weeks.  :)

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