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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

no news!

And I'm tempted to not tell you any news that I get until we have at least $250 in Dexter's Christmas Warrior fund.  That would be mean, wouldn't it?  Except that we all know that I stink as a secret keeper.  The only way for me to keep a secret is for me to completely forget you told me.  Which does happen from time to time, but I doubt that I'm going to keep a secret our travel dates (once I get them) for long.  So let's do this instead....donate to Dexter!  Then I won't have to keep you in the dark.

"please help me find my mommy, I will smile so much then!"
{that chip-in at the top right of this blog post is the easiest way to donate to Dexter....and there's cookies in it for you!}

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  1. OK -I'm a dork and can't remember my password for paypal AND can't figure out how to reset it!! So... I'm sending in a check tomorrow for Dexter for $35 so that it will break that $100 mark =) Sorry I can't do the chip in! Praying more people are moved to help this sweet boy. Keep on advocating for him and don't get discouraged!!