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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 23

I don't even know how to begin this post.  As you can imagine I was really hoping to have some new information about the adoption and our travel dates but I don't.  At this point in time there is nothing new to know.  But as soon as I do I promise to let you all know!  Below are this week's prayer requests, including some things we are very thankful for.

1. Danny.  Not only do we ask that you pray for him, but we ask that you thank God for him!  We are thankful every day to be on this journey, and are learning so much while we walk this road.
2. My wonderful husband will be home in a matter of hours!  Prayers of thanksgiving that he spent the past two and a half months away safely, and will soon be here!
3. Movement in our adoption.  This is pretty important since our dossier has been in country for a month now.  We would really like to meet Danny in January, but at this point we just don't know if that is God's plan for us.  Please pray that He shows us the way.
4. Cost of plane tickets!  So far the best deal I'm seeing is well over $2,000 which is significantly more than we have budgeted.  We know that it will all work out for the best, but as a frequent traveller I hate nothing more than paying so much for travel!
5. Dexter: this one is great news!  We have already exceeded the $1,000 mark in fundraising for him.  Thank You!  We really appreciated the help.  If you haven't already donated we are still going strong since the Angel Tree is through the end of December.  All donations to Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible!

Thank you for praying!

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