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Friday, December 2, 2011

nothing new to report

But I thought I'd do you all the favor of checking in anyway.  :)

Here is a question for our 49 followers, and the facebook masses:  what are some easy to transport toys we should take with us for when we meet Danny?  We've noticed from our adoptive friends many of the orphanages don't have much to play with, and we would like to have some fun stuff to do during our visits.

How about you ask US questions too.....what do you want to know about adoption, Down Syndrome, and what happens next?  Tell me, I promise to answer them all!

~ Jessica


  1. inflatable balls, play phones seem to be popular from the many adopts I've followed, bubbles are a hit, coloring book and crayons, toys with mirrors seem to be a huge hit. Those are my best ideas for now, I'll keep thinking!

  2. I recommend something relatively small such as stacking cups, toy cell phone, anything that plays music. If you have an ipad, start downloading easy preschool games and nursery rhymes. Also, someone told us to bring a beach ball since we could blow it up once there - travels easy. I would think balloons would also be a big hit. Zeb still LOVES them.

  3. I totally second what Jamie & Colleen suggested; toy phones, bubbles, blow up balls, puzzles (with bigger pieces), Hot Wheel cars, playdough, crayons, magna doodle, everything at The Dollar Spot (ha!), ooohhhh-get one of those books that you can record yourself reading the book to him. They have them at Walmart/Target. My mom got one for the boys last year and they love to hear Mimi "read" it to them.

  4. Wow - those are great ideas! I was thinking some of those bigger building "lego" type things, but those wouldn't be easy to take with you. Picture books?

  5. Well all the good ideas are taken. :) So I want to know, after meeting him for the first time, how long will it be before you go back to bring him home? I've heard that from some countries, you have to adopt them there and then again once you get back to the states. Is that what you will have to do in this case? Will you know anything about his biological family? Well, guess I will stop now. LOL!!! I'm so excited for you and Wes. I can't wait to see pictures and hear how your trip goes. Blessings.

  6. Clarissa, we have already thought of that...just need to go get one!

    Tia- we don't have to readopt, and I think we already know everything there is to know about his bio-family. It will be 3-4 months before we get to bring him home.