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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 26

Less than three weeks until we leave to meet Danny!!!  Today we were (finally) decorating for Christmas, and I realized just how unfriendly to children literally all of our ornaments and decorations are!   I also realized that next Christmas we are going to have to do the tree put-up and fluff during nap time.  Can you imagine the excitement of an almost 5 year old who has probably never seen a Christmas Tree!?  At least my mommy heart hopes he gets excited!  Anyway, this week's prayer requests:

1. Danny.....please pray that his heart is prepared to meet us.
2. Orphanage Staff: we have absolutely no idea what we might be walking into, as our facilitator hasn't ever been to Danny's orphanage. Please pray that they take pride in their work, and care about the children.
3. Our facilitators: we aren't sure who our driver will be, but please the whole team in prayer.  Their work is tough, but they love it and the children they work for.
4. US!  We have lots to do, including celebrating Christmas, and 3 full weeks of work to get through before we leave.  Personally, I'm praying for the time to fly by....I want to see my boy!!!

Thank you (a million times) for continuing to pray with us!  Can't wait for week 29 when we are posting from Danny's country of birth!

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  1. I guarantee that he will be beyond excited to see the Christmas tree and decorations. My two cents on kid-friendly-ness: shatter proof ornaments and put nice things up HIGH.