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Monday, May 23, 2011

nuts. doNUTS!!!

My fabulous friend Crystal is helping (totally doing) coordinate the garage sale.  Which by the way is slated for June 18th at our house.  Volunteers anyone?!?! (hint, hint)

When I say Crystal is doing the garage sale, I mean she has driven it from the very beginning.  This is why I love my friend:  today she sent a very nice message to a bunch of her friends asking for items to sell, which she will be picking up over the next few weeks.  (Have you noticed how expensive gas is?  This is a huge gift!)

About 4 hours after the initial email went out I got another message from her....Krispy Kreme is donating donuts for us to sell at the garage sale!!!  DONATING DONUTS. Total awesomeness!

I wish I had time to tell you all the other amazing things my sweet friend is doing to help us.  Just know I have an angel helping me out right now.  :)

Thank you wonderful amazing Crystal!  You are a most giving and loving human being!

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