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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

calling all spring cleaners & junk collectors

We have decided to have a garage sale (ooops, need to tell Wes this) to help raise some funds for the adoption.  The date is up in the air at this point, but I will gladly begin to take donations.  Probably looking at mid-June so you have a month or so to get us your stuff.  Or if you REALLY love us you can hold onto your donations until closer to the date!  Not looking for anything in particular, just what you want out of your house.  I agree, Goodwill and Medina Children's Home are fantastic places to take your things, but wouldn't it be nice to know where the cash is going for once?

Call me or email me with any questions.  Help us fill up our garage...and drive our neighbors crazy!  :)

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  1. Hello!! My name is Kathryn Lewis and I got your blog address from a friend who knows a friend of yours =) My husband and I live in SA and are in the process of adopting our little boy form Ethiopia. We don't know who he is yet but God knows!! Just waiting for "the call". I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk to you about fundraising!! We have been in fundraising frenzy and GOd has blessed us over and over again. It has not been easy and I felt funny about it at first but people WANT to help and be part of this process. What better way to see a community come together and possibly open other family's hearts to the orphans of this world?! Can you email me at: Btw, we have a TON of stuff for your garage sale!! I'll share details on email or when we can talk!