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Sunday, May 22, 2011

christmas in our mailbox!

Since we started the adoption we have been waiting.  Waiting for information, news, documents....waiting!

Well today I stopped to check the mail.  Yes, I realize it's Sunday and mail only comes Monday through Saturday, but it was a crazy weekend.  So when I got the mail there was a ton of junk, but there were also two brown official looking envelopes.  I got super excited!

It was our first of three back ground checks!!!  One of the final things we need to collect for our home study.  When you are collecting so many things it's fun to see it about to come together!

Our home study is in one week.  One week!  I can't believe it's almost here.  This is the next major hurdle towards bringing Danny home.  Here are some things to pray for this week:

1. Fundraising: this is a work in progress right now.  Once we get past the HS and get our USCIS application mailed in we can really get to work.
2. Home Study: please pray our social worker, Ashley, has safe travels next Sunday.  She is coming all the way from Lubbock to work with us.
3. Paperwork: we still have a few items we need.  We won't have our physicals until after we see Ashley, so please pray we can get them done quickly and easily.
4. Doctor: we are looking for a pediatrician that will write a letter on Danny's behalf to send along with our USCIS application to try to speed things us.  Pray we can find someone who understands where we are and why we want him here so quickly.

Thank you my sweet followers for reading and praying for us!


  1. You and your journey are in my prayers daily. I know God is working something very special here!

  2. Yay! Praying for you, Wes and Danny daily. Blessings for a speedy process.

  3. Not sure you have found a good Pedi yet, but I would like to recommend Dr. Laura Davis. She is about our age (early 30's). SUPER NICE, super cool, very good at what she does and I bet she would be HAPPY to help you! She has a busy practice though but I bet you could get her on the phone. I think her son is about Danny's age (maybe a year older).

    She is in the medical center.

  4. Thanks ladies for the prayers and ideas. We really appreciate it all!

  5. I know you might not want to drive all the way out to Boerne, but I think Dr. Henderson is the BEST. ;) I'm not partial or anything! Ha!

    A+ Pediatrics