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Monday, May 16, 2011


Today I feel a little lost in all of the things going on in our world.  We spent the weekend at a friend's wedding and while that was great fun I feel so behind now!  (Congrats Kevin & Ludy!) While in West Texas we were able to get one round of finger prints done, and our birth certificates came, so that's progress, but I still feel there are so many other things to get to.

Here's what's coming next for us:

1. May 29th our Social Worker comes to do our home study....we have to finish collecting a number of pieces of paper before then
2. We are going to work in our back yard this weekend...are you handy with a shovel?!?
3. At some point we need to get our new gun safe installed (chill out, we live in TX)  (:
4. Need to get the set of prints for the FBI done pretty much ASAP
5. T-Shirt Fundraiser and Garage Sale (happily accepting donations now)

Can you, will you please pray for us? We need all the help we can get right now!

Finally, please remember how important it is for this process to move quickly.  I heard today of another Reece's Rainbow family who was days (literally) from going to pick up their little one when they found out he wouldn't be coming home with them, that he had gone to Heaven. Please pray for peace and understanding for them.

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  1. wish I lived closer...I'd definitely come and help you in your back yard!

    Just take it one day, one step, even one breath at at time. I know the PROCESS must move quickly but you need to take the time to let God do His work in YOU, too. Slow down for just a moment or two when you're feeling overwhelmed and talk to God. He'll help you get rid of that overwhelmed feeling :)