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Sunday, May 8, 2011

fundraiser #1

My cousin's wife is a CPA by day and art student by night (yay Jing for following your passion!) and has volunteered to help us fundraise! She has set up an etsy shop and is calling her first project "Hearts for Danny."  Jing is very generously donating all of her profits to Danny's grant through Reece's Rainbow.  I really hope that you will support Jing in her artistic endeavors.  Wouldn't it be awesome to tell people that you have an original work from her first show?!?!? I'm telling you all now, Jing will be FAMOUS one day!

Check out the etsy shop here: Sweet Scorpio Designs

Just as a side note Jing is in the middle of finals and has started the store off with 4 paintings.  If you want to order custom work you can, just send her a message on the Etsy site.  Watch out, this girl can burn through some canvas and paint when finals are over!

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