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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 16

Four months I've been writing this weekly entry.  I wish more had changed in the last four months of waiting, but I know God's timing is perfect and He knows why this is taking so long!

The past few weeks in church we have been listening to a sermon series called "Think, Act, Be."  It's all about becoming more like Christ.  One of the verses today hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'll even admit, I pulled out my phone during church and texted it to Wes.  (He is still up in CT working the remnants of Hurricane Irene.)

"Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of poor and oppressed.  Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."  ~ Psalm 82:3-4

When we were first married we began to pray for God's will in our lives.  We asked Him constantly (multiple times a day) to ensure we were walking the path that He laid out for us.  Since starting this adoption back in April I have never felt more sure of anything in my life; we are on His path.  THIS is HIS plan for US.

If you had asked me a year ago what the verse above meant I'm not sure I could have answered you.  But ask me today!  Today it means getting our son here as quickly as we can.  It means advocating every chance we get for people with Down Syndrome, and Reece's Rainbow.  It means loving the people in our path and showing them that just because a child isn't 'perfect' doesn't mean they aren't valuable.  It also means letting our church family know about this mission.

Because of that....and meeting our friends from our sister church, I am going to write a letter to our minister.  We have been praying for a bigger stage to tell our story on.  Maybe that stage is the one at church, where 5,000 people regularly attend.  Can you imagine if only 1% of those folks decided to adopt?  That's 50 more kids in homes!  Out of the way of wicked!  So that leads me to my first prayer request of this week:

1. Pray that I have the words to touch our minister's heart, and that he is willing to let us tell our story.
2. Pray for Danny!  Prepare his heart for us, let him know he will be safe and secure in our arms and home.
3. Pray for Wes.  He has been gone a month as of this week.  Pray he has the endurance to stay as long as he is needed.
4. Pray for my job.  I received a contract last week, and will be installing 3 pieces of equipment this next week.
5. Pray for RAIN! There is none in our forecast, and we are still desperately in need.
6. Finally, please pray for my friend Crystal.  This week she is going to help her dad, who is in poor health.  Pray for her safety as she travels, her family, as she is away from them, and her dad to begin to feel better.
ahhh! I forgot one!
7. The Barnett family will be traveling back to EEU this week to complete the adoption of their three kids.  Please keep their children here at home, as well as the three in U in prayer.  Also pray for their judge, and that their two week wait will be waived.

Thank you for reading the last four months of my rambling.  I hope you find as much reward in praying for these things as we do.


  1. Oh honey, you made me cry. It's so good to be here and actually SEE him. I told Phil that Dad looks his age (79). He seems more optimistic than he did a week ago. He was talking about something he wants to do next spring. We go to the doc in the morning to check his INR, then he'll get cardioverted again (prolly Tues.). Back to the surgeon on Wed., then hopefully a day of rest before family comes in on Friday for the wedding on Saturday.

    You mean the world to me. Love you!

  2. But Danny IS perfect. He is. He is perfect for you and Wes. He is perfect for God. He is perfect for playing and running and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (unless he's allergic to peanuts like me, in which case ALMONDS are perfect). And it's going to be perfect when we all get to meet him!

  3. Well, of course we totally agree that he is perfect! I mean look at that face! And I didn't know you were allergic to peanuts!