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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 15

Funny thing happened yesterday...Wes's USCIS official appointment notification came in the mail.  The funny part is that his prints were completed on Thursday!   I honestly laughed out loud at the mailbox. Luckily no one else was at our community box, so I didn't get any crazy looks!  Today I am committing an hour to working on our dossier.  Webster's Dictionary defines DOSSIER: a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject.  Well I would certainly agree with the detailed part of that statement.  We are already beyond 50 pages, and it's not done yet!

Here are this week's prayer requests:

1. Danny...have I told you guys that we have settled on a 'name' for him?  Daniel will continue to be his middle name, but he has a new first name.  We are going to do our best to keep it off the internet for now though, so if you want to know it email me!

2. Wes...continues to work on the East Coast.  Please keep him in your prayers, this has been an amazing opportunity for him to grow his career with USAA.  I hope to go visit him in early October.

3. My's the end of the quarter, which in my business means lots of scrambling! I am working on one deal in particular that means a lot financially to our family and adoption.  Please keep that in your prayers!

4. RAIN, sweet cleansing rain!  San Antonio (and a lot of Texas) has finally gotten a taste of rain.  Please pray that it continues.

6. The Hinzes will be meeting Sterling later this week for the first time.  Please keep all three of them in your prayers.


7. The Barnett family is waiting to get their official court date so they can plan to return to Ukraine.  Please pray for favor with the judges, and that they will release them from the 2 week waiting period most families have to endure.

Thank you all for following with us, and praying with us.  Stay tuned for more info on Juris, the handsome boy we are going to be Christmas Warriors for this year!