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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 12

I can't believe I have been writing under this title for three months now.  Time has in some ways flown, and others draged!  We made the difficult decision this week to cancel our dinner & silent auction fundraiser which was scheduled for October.  To make what is a very long story short, things just weren't falling into place for us to make a profit on the event.  We do still have some fun donations to the silent auction, so continue to follow the blog in order to be able to bid on these items....details to come soon.  Here are this week's prayer requests:

1. Danny: there was some minor drama in adoptions in his country this past week, please pray that our process continues to go smoothly and that we can meet him very soon.

2. Toni: our in country facilitator. Toni has some health problems, but devotes her life to helping people like us bring kids like Danny home.  In addition to her health please pray for her safety, as she has been personally under attack (via email and phone) by people who are not happy with the way she, and all of her families, advocate for adoption.

3. RAIN!!!  Today it's 111* where we live.  This is pretty extreme, even for south Texas, but later this week there is a significant chance of rain and cooler temps.  Please pray we see this rain, and it can help nourish our parched land.

4. Our Jobs: we are both entering into a time of hard work, and possibly extreme stress.   Our prayer is that we both are the best we can be at what we are doing to pay our bills, and that those around us see Christ in how we handle ourselves.

5. Fundraising/Advocating: since we have cancelled our dinner please pray another opportunity presents itself for us to tell the story of the orphan.  We can only bring one home (for now) but hope to help other families find a way to bring His children into the light.

6. USICS application: currently we are waiting for our finger-printing appointments, and hope to get the notice this week.  Please pray we receive our appointments, and our approvals as quickly as possible.

Thanks for joining us in prayer!


  1. Praying for you guys. Did you get any rain? Apparently we got about 1/16 of an inch at our house. We need MORE! But it is supposed to cool off this weekend.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. No rain this week Jamie! At the beginning of the week it looked like Labor Day weekend would be crazy rainy, but now we are content with highs in the 90's and a small chance of rain. Happy Thursday to you!