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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 10 (early edition!)

I've got so much on my heart right now I felt that we needed an "early edition" of Sunday Prayers this week.  This is a pretty long list, but there is just so much going on right now!  For those of you who like very specific requests here goes:

1. The Barnett Family: will be leaving Monday morning for Eastern Europe.  Please pray for safe travels, a speedy process, good bonding time with their children, safety and protection for the two they leave at home, for Stephanie's mom (who will be staying here with their two children), for Trenton, Igor, and Leeza to immediately trust and bond with their parents.  And for anything else I'm missing right now!
2. For our USCIS application.  It will arrive at the office on Monday.  Please pray for it to be handled as soon as possible.  Wes and I are still hoping and praying to have Danny home by Christmas, and this will only be possible with God handling everything for us!
3. The Eicher Family: just got home TODAY with their son, Archie.  He is a beautiful child who came from the same country Danny is in!  Please pray for rest for the entire family, and good loving bonding time to come.
4. The Rhodes Family: have been waiting 70+ days for their USCIS approval.  Prayers they receive their "Golden Ticket" this week.
5. Danny: while he is not at the top of this list, he is always at the top of my heart!  We continuously pray that he is healthy, safe and loved.  That he is sleeping in a warm bed and has plenty of good food in his tummy every night.
6. My friend Crystal's dad will be under-going open heart surgery this week.  Please pray for him, the doctors, and Crystal and her family.

Thank you (a million times) friends for loving and praying with us!

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