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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 11

I'm learning I can't count as I write our Sunday Prayers posts! (and I checked, this is in fact volume 11)

This week has been crazy busy, and I fully expect the next few weeks to be nuts too.  We have lots of weekend events which leaves little time for rest and relaxation, much less planning a major fundraiser.  Thank you so much for keeping the items below in your prayers.

1. always, please pray that he is safe, cared for, well fed and loved.
2. Our Jobs: I got some news on Friday about a deal we really thought was going to happen this of Friday we didn't 'win' their business.  Please pray that I can find the words, as well as the reasons, why our products are better....and that I can gently change their minds.
3. USCIS approval: we got our receipt on Saturday, so next we are waiting for our fingerprinting appointment.  Please continue to pray we get our approval back as quickly as possible so we can move forward with our dossier.
4. Fundraising: we have a big dinner & silent auction planned for the end of October...but we don't have a caterer, entertainment, or enough donations to our auction!  Please join us in praying for these things to work themselves out.  Also, please pray that we can find some compelling entertainment to help tell the orphan story.
5. The Barnett Family will be meeting their children for the first time tomorrow morning.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they await a court date, make travel arrangements, and go through the adoption process.

Finally, thank you to the folks who have continued to support us through this crazy process!  Every time I look at our Reece's Rainbow grant and see it has grown my heart jumps with joy.  It's such a blessing to have the support we do.  Thank you!

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  1. We want to donate to your auction! When do you need the items? I'm not sure if we'll be home by then, but if we are, we'll be there!