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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prayers PLEASE!!!

Tomorrow we will be shipping our USCIS application to Lewisville TX.  From there it will go on to either Kansas or be honest my brain is so full I can't remember!

From what we understand the state department has up to 90 days (calendar, not business) to process our application....obviously, this is THREE months.  In my mind way too long.  So please join us in praying that we have our approval, also know as the "Golden Ticket" back by mid-September.  We realize this is a long shot, but we want every chance possible to have Danny home by his December 26th birthday.

Tonight some of our friends and family are gathering to literally lay hands on our application. Please pray blessings on these people, and join us in our request for expediency.

Thank you again for following our journey, and praying with us.  BIG love!

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