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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 7

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I'm quite proud of myself for blogging under this title (on time) for seven weeks in a row.  I only wish that I had thought of it sooner, so I could easily know how many weeks we have been in the process of adopting.  Oh well!

Before I get to this week's requests I want to let you know of a few crazy things that have been going on this week.  Our friends, the Barnett's, car was broken into and their laptop with all their adoption paperwork on it, was stolen.  My company car was hit while it was parked on the street Friday night.  Our other friends, the Rhodes's, rental property flooded leaving at least $10,000 worth of damage.  The thing that links all three of these families together is that we are all adopting via Reece's Rainbow.  Needless to say, Satan has been working over-time in our lives, and we all need your prayers.  Now more than ever!  So here goes with this week's edition of Sunday Prayers.

1. David & Stephanie Barnett get their laptop returned. Also, that they hear this week when their travel to Eastern Europe will occur so they can go meet their beautiful new children!
2. Marty & Mandy Rhodes insurance will cover the damage on their rental property with a minimal deductible.
3. That my company will choose to replace my car so that I can be safe in all my travels.
4. RAIN!!  (We got a little last week, but it's gonna take a whole lot more.)
5. That those FBI back-ground checks will come back THIS WEEK.
6. For our USCIS (immigration) documents to be ready to mail by NEXT WEEK.
7. That USCIS will be speedy in getting our "golden ticket" to us so we can travel to meet Danny in October.

This is a pretty serious list this week, but I know you are all serious prayer warriors.  Thank you again for following along with us, and praying with us.


  1. Thank you, Jessica, for including our family in this weeks prayer requests. Thank you in advance to everyone who will pray for us, the Barnetts and for Jessica, Wes, and Danny. None of us could bring our children home without the support of your prayers.

  2. Love to you! I pray that the things that are needed will be provided by God in His time and that there will be peace until that time is done. I pray that paperwork will go smoothly for all areas where paperwork is needed and that there will be miracles where only God could have done it!

  3. Praying for all ya'll. Spiritual warfare is NO MATCH for OUR GOD!!!!!

  4. Just wanted to update our situation. Not only did we find favor with the adjuster, but he had a crew of 7 workers at our house within an hour of writing our estimate. We won't have to touch anything, just write the check for the deductible and choose new flooring and paint. The damage came in around $15,000, so we're very blessed to have good insurance. Thank you all for praying. Our God is greater!