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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 5

Gonna be a short post tonight, and since I'm out of town until Friday this is most likely the last one until next Sunday's installment.  :)

1. Our friends the Barnett's...their country has decided to keep adoptions open for special needs children while they reorganize their structure.  This is fantastic news for the Barnett's, but it also means their timeline to raise $10,000 has been greatly shortened!  To help out and read their story click here: Donate to the Barnett's.

2. Our friends the Hinz's.  Same story as above.  To help them out and read their story click here: Donate to the Hinz's.

3. RAIN!  We got a little bit today, but need a lot more.

4. The FBI.  I am asking you to pray for them because if we don't get our back-ground checks soon I'm gonna get really mad!  (hahaha)

5. Remember that job thing from last week?  Keep praying on that please.

6. Finally, I will be travelling for work all this week, so prayers for safe travel are greatly appreciated.

Thanks friends, we love you all!

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  1. prayers for you...

    and I personally like #4! :D