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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 6

I can't sleep well lately, so I've been spending lots of time thinking about our boy.  The wait is so frustrating for me at this point!  Our hands are tied until we get our FBI back-ground checks in, however I've realized something.  Since our Social Worker is so thorough we will pretty much be ready to submit our dossier when she is finished with our home-study.  Now, we won't be able to do this because then we start waiting for the USCIS approval, which we need before we send our dossier...but the nice thing is we are getting closer.  Slowly but surely!  Here are this week's prayer requests in no particular order:

1. RAIN!  (still completely unrelated to adoption, but it's getting desperate over here!)
2. Peaceful heart and mind.  I am really struggling with how long this process is taking and could use some peace, and I'm hoping with peace comes rest.
3. Danny.  We love him so much, and I have days I weep that he is in an orphanage and doesn't know we are coming for him....I've heard other families who prayed someone would whisper in their child's ear to let them know mom and dad are coming.  Will you pray this with me? We want Danny to know we are coming just as fast as we can get there!
4. Our jobs....I know this is a repeat from several weeks ago, but things aren't resolved yet, in fact, there are even more questions lately!  Please pray for discernment for both of us that we are in the jobs our God needs us to be in right now.
5. Our friends the Barnett's are waiting for travel dates to go meet their kids in another Eastern European country.  This is great news, but it's much faster than originally expected, so please pray for blessings in fundraising (they still need about $10,000!!!) as well as their children who will stay here while they travel, and their three they are going to meet.
6. Today I am going to begin working on our USCIS application.  This is a 30 page document that has to be perfect, and you can't save it while working on it!  Please pray that I get all the little boxes filled out the right way the first time.

Thank you friends and family for following, praying, and loving.  Have any of you considered expanding your family through adoption today?


  1. Unless they have changed the application in the last 3 months, they I600 is only 2 pages and it really is easy to fill out. Nerve-wracking, but easy. Or are you talking about the I800?
    I know the waiting is hard. I've been there and I didn't sleep well either. We are praying for you guys.

  2. We are i-800. :( It's so frustrating not knowing what to do next!