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Monday, July 25, 2011

it's probably too early to tell you this...

But I talked to the folks at the FBI today (ps: that still cracks me up!) and got some good news!  Our back ground checks have been completed, and sent to be "sealed." Once the seal has been applied they will be mailed to us, so we should have them by next week!

Also, our social worker called today with some last minute questions since she is working on the final draft of our home study.  She promised commited to get it done so we can be ready to submit our USCIS application in the next two weeks.  This means we are finally making forward progress!!!

**Update on Sunday Prayers**

1. Stephanie Barnett has updated her blog with a short and sweet post...and she had to go to the hospital today, not sure what's up, but something with her foot/ankle.  Please pray she is mobile soon!
2. The Rhodes's insurance is going to cover the damage to the rental property!!  They will pay only a small deductible, so fundraising and saving for the adoption continues.

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