Retro Spring


Friday, March 30, 2012

what happens next?

It's been a while since I wrote a "what happens next post" and I've had a few questions, so I thought it would be easiest to just answer them here all at once!

We have a court date on April 9.  Lucky for us our attorney in "B" gets to go in our place.  After court we will wait seven days for the adoption to be finalized.  At that point our attorney gets to apply for some (more) paper work and we get our travel dates.  Usually travel dates are anywhere from 3-5 weeks from then.  Plane tickets can't be purchased until that point, so we fully expect to pay a premium price for this trip.  Spring and summer is the most expensive time to travel to Europe!  We are praying that we will get to leave sometime at the very beginning of May to bring our boy home.

Wes and I will both be traveling to pick our son up.  Typically families arrive into country on Saturday, and then on Sunday drive to the village where the orphanage is.  Monday is "gotcha" day and we will race back to the capital city to apply for his passport.  It's important we get this done as quickly as possible so that it's ready for us to leave the following Saturday.  Other things we will complete the week in "B" include a trip to the US Embassy and a doctor's appointment so he is medically cleared to enter the US.  We will leave very early Saturday morning to fly roughly 24 hours back home.  With a 4 year old.  Who has probably never seen an airplane, much less been on one....or three.

Wonder what happens in the next few weeks?  We spend pretty much all of our free time finishing getting ready for a 4 year old to live with us.  Doing laundry, packing, take a bunch out, and then repacking.  We will both be taking a little time off from work after we get home, so we will also be scheduling some doctor's appointments for our boy, as well as getting something set up with the local school district so he can begin to receive therapy as soon as possible.

The other things that we are working on include collecting a few more toys for the orphanage, and raising funds to donate for the roof.  As of right now we are over $600 in donations (including the case donations and chipin totals)!  Thank you!

We appreciate the continued prayers on our behalf, we feel like we are finally in the home stretch!