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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaving a Legacy

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  This is not the first day recognized as Down Syndrome Day, but I understand it to be the first that the UN has recognized.  Just goes to show, that people like Danny are a huge part of the world and should be honored just like all other groups!

Today I received an email response from our facilitator in Danny's country.  Unfortunately it did not contain court dates, but we are still hopeful that we will receive these dates at some point this week.  What sweet Toni did tell me is that the orphanage Danny has lived in for four years is in need of repairs to the roof.  This was not a surprise, as Wes and I spoke directly with the orphanage director about this when we met her in January.  What was a surprise is how much worse the situation became during the winter.  In January we were told only one room was effected, and it wasn't a room that was used often.  Today I learned that now they are in danger of having to close the kitchen!  Here is the news directly from our facilitator:

I just talked to Dr.A (the director of the orphanage) and she was so glad to hear from me and especially that you are still planning to help them with the repair of their roof. She said they are facing a threat to have their kitchen closed because of that roof. They did a lot of research and although most of the companies are giving them outrageous sums, they had found one which gave them a reasonable amount. It will be 3 160 Bulgarian leva (2 150 US$) for full repair with warranty for 10 years or 2 536 Bulgarian leva (1 725 US$) for full repair with warranty for 5 years. Dr.Alexieva said that whatever amount you are able to donate would be hugely appreciated and even if it is partial, they at least would have something to start with. If you need any further info or help, please let me know.

Now I don't know about you, but I find this to be appalling!  How could an orphanage, where 30 children live every day of their lives operate without a kitchen? 

So I am here to ask you to help us out.  I will admit that when we committed to help with this I didn't expect the price to be quite as high as it is.  $2,150 to one of us might just break the bank, but if I can respectfully ask that you help us with this it would be greatly appreciated.  I have set up a chip-in on the right side of this blog to accept donations.  These donations will not be tax deductible, but I can guarantee they will go to a good cause.  We will receive a receipt, as well as an update from Dr. A when the repairs are completed.  I'm scheduling the chipin to end on April 20, as we genuinely hope to be traveling soon after that to pick Danny up.  

This would be his legacy for the children who will continue to reside in the orphanage.  Wes and I genuinely hope you will consider helping us leave this gift to the orphanage.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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