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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Prayers

First I want to thank everyone who has donated and committed to donate to the orphanage roof repair fund.  As I said in my previous blog post if the roof is not repaired soon the orphanage may have to close the kitchen, and I honestly don't know how they will feed the children. Heartbreaking for Dr. A to have to possibly make this decision, so we are very thankful for the support of our family and friends.

Here are this week's prayer requests

1. Danny: he is constantly in our hearts, we pray that he is as ready to come home with us as we are to have him here!
2. Court Dates: I'm going to be real here for a minute: I'M GETTING VERY IMPATIENT AND IRRITATED.  :)  So many of our friends who are at the same place we are have their dates yet, and we have heard nothing.  Please pray that we receive our dates soon, and that they are within two weeks.  We are still praying to bring our boy home in May, and it's getting harder to believe that will happen.
3. Donating: please pray about donating.  We know times are tough, but I can promise your money will go to the best cause I can currently think of: leaving a legacy behind for our son.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us.  It's wonderfully appreciated!


  1. I actually had a dream where you blogged that you got a court date of April 2nd

  2. I'm praying for your date and our family will be making a donation at the end of the month :) Love you, friend!

  3. I'm praying for that court date! And our donation will be coming on Friday!