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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Prayers "are we there yet" edition!

To simply answer my own question: no.  We are not "there" yet.  I haven't heard any updates from our facilitator in a few weeks, which means there is nothing new to tell.  I promise that if there was she would let us know.  The next steps are as follows: 1. MOJ signs our final documents; 2. A judge is assigned to our case and court is scheduled; 3. We wait 3-5 weeks after court to pick our boy up!!!  Now, I'm honestly hoping that we get to skip straight to step 2 in this process. This happened recently to a friend of ours, so I have hope!  Here are this week's prayers:

1. Danny: we hope that Baba Mila is still seeing him as often as she can, and that he is being prepared for life in a family.
2. The Dean Family: Autumn is traveling on March 24th to pick her kids up!  She is still short around $1,000 to complete the process.  Will you please click HERE and support her? Even $10 will help!
3. Court Date!  Please pray this is the week we get our next does of news.  We are all getting antsy over here to have him home!

Thank you for continuing to pray!