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Monday, February 27, 2012

your prayers are coveted any day of the week

I'm afraid the weekend got away from me again.  Just too much to do in so little time.  (Can anyone say with me "Jessica needs a vacation"?) 

Also going to admit here first....I'm a little disappointed.  My last blog talked about a friend who is in need of funds for travel.  And we've gotten only $60 in donations.  Autumn still needs around $2400 in order to have enough to go pick her kids up.  I will also tell you that many families in Autumn's (and our) situation are really sweating the rising fuel costs as well.  We just don't know what that will do to the cost of airfare.  Please consider donating to the Dean family.  Here is a link directly to their fund:  Dean Family FSP.

I had really hoped that my next post (this one) would contain an update on where we are in the adoption process.  But there hasn't been an update yet, and I'm working on patience as a virtue so I haven't asked. 

Here are prayer requests for this week:

1. Danny.  do I really need to explain again?  :)
2. Our facilitator: Toni is so busy right now, which is a great problem!  Please pray for her servant's heart and that she has enough hours and support every day to get done what she needs to.
3. Autumn Dean's family and donating.  Is it on your heart?  Please prayerfully consider.

I'm going to leave the list short this week.  I think these three items need focus this next week.  Please consider them, and join us in prayer.

Thanks friends!

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