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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Prayers: I've completely lost track

Well one of our prayers has been answered!  Our facilitator has our Article 5 letter and it will be headed off for authentication tomorrow.  Once that is back, and the rest of our forms are translated we will be submitted to the Minister of Justice's office for final approval.  With that news I bet you can guess what our next prayer requests are!

1., warm, happy and well loved until we can get there.
2. MOJ: that the office can move quickly to get our final petition signed off on, and a judge assigned soon.
3. For our Judge: pray that he or she will promptly schedule a date to hear our case as soon as they receive the assignment.  Pray also that a decision comes quickly and the approval gets signed as soon as possible.
4. Us: still working hard to get ready for our family to grow by 1.  :)

Thank you friends and family!  Know we appreciate you and all you've done for us on this journey.

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