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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Prayers

I feel like a bad blogger lately.  All it seems I've been able to keep up with is a once a week post that really isn't that tough to write!  I hope you are still following along!

1. Danny: As always at the top of our list.  He's probably completely forgotten us by now, so I pray that Baba Mila is going through the photo album with him!
2. MOJ & Judge: Please pray this is the week we are submitted to the MOJ, and that our documents work through their system quickly.  Please also pray for a judge who is quick to schedule our court date and make a decision on our adoption.
3. Us: We are juggling many things right now, including full time jobs, our home, and getting ready for our son to come home.
4: YOU: that's right.  Please pray for you.  Pray for God to speak to you about an orphan or orphan ministry, or even something else that He is breaking your heart for.  I guarantee this is not an easy pray, and the task at the end may not be what you expected, but your life will be better for having prayed it.

That's it!  Pretty simple this week.  If we get any updates I will be sure you keep you posted!

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