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Monday, February 6, 2012

adios Stage 2 documents!

I am THRILLED to announce that our Stage 2 documents are on the way to Danny's country!!!  They will be in our attorney's hands on Wednesday, and then will be translated while she waits for our Article 5 appointment the the US Embassy.  Hey!  I just realized we will get to visit the Embassy when we go back to pick him up.  So it probably makes me a total dork, but that's sort of fun!

Beyond getting the paperwork out the door there is not a single other thing we can do to speed up this process....except to PRAY.  So please pray that the final stages of this (MOJ & Court) happen quickly and without issue and that we get to go pick up our son soon!  We haven't heard any more updates on time-frame, so I am still assuming that it's 4-5 months from our first visit, which was one month ago!

Thank you for praying!

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