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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Prayers "determined not to forget" edition

For some reason this is getting harder and harder for me to get done.  I'm not sure if it's another of Satan's plots to take our attention away from our adoption, or if it's just that life is getting in the way while we continue getting ready to bring our little guy home.  Last night I caught Wes staring at the fridge, but this time the door was closed. ;)  I asked what he was looking at, and he said it was Danny's picture, and it's amazing how happy it makes him!  We are head over heels in love with our little guy, and just can't wait to get back to him!

Here is a quick re-cap of where we are in process: a. We have our copy of immigration approval, and our attorney is waiting for an appointment at the US Embassy in Sofia so she can get our article 5 letter; b. Our Stage 2 documents are all notarized, and I'm taking them to Austin tomorrow to be apostilled and they should be in B by Thursday for translation; c. Once everything is translated and she has our Article 5 letter our attorney will submit our final documents to the Ministry of Justice....this is a month process; d. A judge will be assigned and prayerfully will schedule our court date as soon as possible; e. 3 to 5 weeks after our court date we will get to go pick our boy up!  We are still climbing a mountain but I feel like we are finally at "high camp" (for any of you who have ever climbed a mountain) and working our way to the top!  It's exciting to be here!

Here is a list of things we still need to get done around the house to be ready for Danny: a. EVERYTHING!  Ok, maybe not, but it's still a lot, including finishing his room, and general decluttering of the house.  I probably need to resign myself to putting all my breakables up, but they are so pretty on the shelves in the dining room.  Maybe we will wait and see, that is if we get brave!

Finally, what you are actually reading all this for: PrAyEr ReQuEsTs!!!!!

1. Danny: please pray that he is warm and that his orphanage has power....there is a rowdy winter storm just churning over Eastern Europe and the highs this past week didn't get above 20*f!  Also pray that Baba Mila is talking to him about family and us, and life in America.
2. Our Attorney: has so many families in process right now, about 15 of which are waiting for court dates.  She is a busy lady who works so hard on our behalf.  Please pray for Satan's attacks on her to cease so that she can continue to do a good work.
3. Us: still working hard at our jobs and around the house.
4. The Process: Please pray that all of the remaining steps in our process are handled with speed so that we might get our boy home sooner than we ever expected.  We would love to have him here in April, but that's a stretch right now.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us and with us.  I can tell you that since I started writing this post weekly we do not feel the stress or pressure that we felt at first.

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