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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 18

What an amazing week off from work God has blessed me with!  I was able to visit Wes for a few days, and we were able, together, to get all of the paperwork for our dossier completed!  When I came back home all I had left to do was run up to Austin to get our final apostilles (for the dossier) and it was ready to mail!  I made Thursday's FedEX cut-off and our dossier is currently in country waiting to be "cleared" for delivery tomorrow!!!

What a long time this has been coming.  When this journey started back in April we thought for sure we would be done with our dossier in a matter of weeks.  God's timing was that it took months.  Six of them to be exact.  And while it has been hard to put our absolute trust in Him, we know His timing is perfect in every way!  Below are this week's prayer requests.  I wish I was here to tell you that we are now on the down-hill slope of adoption, but I have a funny feeling that it's just getting truly started!  Thank you in advance for praying with us.

1. Danny
2. Didi is person who will be translating our documents.  We sent her a total of 19 apostilled items, most of them are multiple pages.  Please pray that she is able to work with a clear mind and that we have sent everything and more than she needs.
3. We are prayerfully hoping to be submitted in the next two to three weeks.  Once we are submitted then we will receive a verbal referral to meet Danny.  Please pray that this comes soon so we have lots of lead time to book our travel.
4. The Barnett & Hinz families.  The Barnett's will be travelling home this week with Maclayne, Teague, and Trenton.  Hopefully the Hinz family will be travelling home with Sterling, please pray they are able to get everything done!
5. Please begin praying for the judges and Minister of Justice who will handle our case, and the orphanage workers where Danny is.  We are praying that our case moves smoothly through the system, and that Danny is being prepared to meet us, and eventually come home with us.

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  1. Total side story: at dinner tonight I was telling Stu about the adoption status and that I want to host your shower. Tyson pipes in and asks, "what's 'da-pop-tion' mean?"
    Me: well it means that someone gets to be a child's mommy and daddy even though the child wasn't in the mommy's tummy.
    Stu: remember on "Meet the Robinsons" how he was adopted?
    Tyson: ooooh. But he's going to be a BOY right?
    Me: yup.
    Tyson: and we'll get to play and be friends, right?
    Me: yup.
    Tyson: can he come over AFTER school so I can play with him too?