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Friday, October 21, 2011

and now we wait!

I have struggled this week, wondering what I will blog about until we know more about our time line.  Most likely it will be a pile of random rants!  Hope you stick with us during this period of waiting!

Here is what I do know: our dossier is in country!  Thank you to our bank/insurance company offering their members the ability to get discounts at FedEX.  It cost just over $100 to send that precious package to where it needed to be.  Dollars very well spent in my opinion since I shipped it on Thursday and it arrived on Monday as promised.  Currently (I have been told) it's in the process of being translated to a language with a completely different alphabet than English uses.  Thank GOD for people who are smart enough to not only be bilingual, but also bi-alphabetical.  {Huh! That must actually be a word, b/c my computer didn't mark it as being mis-spelled!}  Once translation is complete it will be submitted and we will receive a verbal referral to meet Danny.  As soon as I know when that is I promise to let you know!  Praying for early January.  Also praying for less expensive airfare than I am currently seeing for the week I think we might travel.

In the mean-time we are both working like crazy and saving as much money as we can so that we are prepared for our next sets of payments to the agency and airline.

That's about it for now.  I hope to be back in 2-3 weeks with more exciting news.  Keep looking for Sunday Prayers updates, we will always have something on our list that requires blessing!

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