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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Prayers vol. 18

While I am visiting Wes and putting the finishing touches on our paperwork I will probably be pretty quiet.  But we still need prayers! Here you go:

1. Danny :)
2. Paperwork: please pray that we have everything notarized, apostilled, and ready to go by this Friday, October 14 with no issues since we only have a few days together to get it all done
3. The Barnett Family: will have their "gotcha" day later this week, and will be traveling 20+ hours with three new kids!!
4. Translation/Submission: these are the next steps for us in the process of adopting Danny.  Please pray that our translator has perfect understaning of the massive pile of paperwork I will be shipping her.  Please pray for her to have the stamina to translate quickly and submit our petition to adopt as soon as she can.  Once these tasks are completed we will receive travel dates!

Thank you all for continuing to read, follow, and pray!

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