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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

trying to learn a lesson over here

So it's pretty clear that I am super bad at estimating things.  At least in adoption.  I truly believe God is trying to teach us that we are on His time-frame not our own.  (no, He is not teaching me patience!) When we started this whole process we were told it would be around 8 months before we had our boy home....and then the next person we spoke to said 12 months.  But, oh me! I am so very good at paperwork, and excellent at expecting governments to meet minimum deadlines that I thought for sure we would have him home by December.  Yeah.  We didn't even meet him until the first week of January.  So here we are....12 (pushing 13) months later and we are waiting.

Basically I came here to whine.  Whining is a part of adoption, right friends?  :)  So what we really need are more prayers.  We want our boy home ASAP!  Like, in the next few weeks.  For that to happen we need another country's government to hurry up and get our final court decree done!  Then we are only waiting for our attorney to put us in her rotation.  Please, we beg! pray that our court decree is complete and just waiting to be picked up tomorrow.  Also, pray that we can find affordable airfare, and that Danny is ready for us!

Thanks for listening to me whine.  And praying.

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