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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Prayers

I slacked off last week and didn't get a prayer request post bad!  These past few weeks have been very busy with final preparations for our boy to come home, as well as preparing to be off from work for 6 weeks.  We do not have travel dates yet, but are hoping against hope to have them this week so we can book our plane tickets and finalize our plans to bring him home for good.  We can't wait!  Here are this week's requests:

1. Our SON.  He's ours forever!  Please pray he's prepared to take this journey as our first child.
2. Travel Dates.....please pray we get them as soon as possible.
3. Our Sanity!  Really, I'm sort-of kidding, but we are about to undergo some serious changes.

That's it!  I will be back (hopefully soon) to let you know when he will be home!

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