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Friday, January 27, 2012


Just want to let you all know we got our USCIS approval this week!!  We have only one more form that needs to be signed (hopefully this weekend) and we can get it all notarized, apostilled and shipped.  As of right now our facilitator is waiting to hear form the US Embassy in "B" about our Embassy appointment so that they will issue our Article 5 letter.  Once she has our Article 5, that and our second stage documents will be submitted to the Ministry of's about a month wait to have a judge assigned, and then we wait for court.  Normally it's 3-5 weeks after court and we can pick our boy up!


  1. wonderful news!! we can meet up in austin and have lunch if I get mine in hand. we are just waiting for the 800a to come in the mail we have to apostille our dossier. are you trying to get it out Feb 3? SO SO SO excited for you. He is just a cutie!

  2. that was a lot of words I didn't understand, but I did understand "pick our boy up"!

  3. Sweet Jessica!

    I just tuned in to your newsy blog. I've heard you mention this sweet boy who will be joining you in your world, but I didn't realize the amazing amount of courage you and your dear husband have. I will absolutely be praying and continuing to follow you through this journey. May God be with you each and every day.

    Love you for your compassion. Quite amazing!!
    Love, Lisa Moore