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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Prayers, vol 31

Good Sunday morning, everyone! My dear friend Jessica has asked me to guest blog today. My name is Crystal, and like most of you I am blessed to be a guest passenger with them on this amazing journey.

Without further adieu, let's pray.

  1. For Danny. Pray that Baba Mila is going through the books with him and preparing him for life with his new family.
  2. For Jessica & Wes. Pray that the next weeks fly by until their son is back in their arms.
  3. For Safe Travels. Jess does a lot of travelling for work. May God watch over her in her journeys.
  4. For paperwork! Jessica hopes to finish it up next week, have everything notarized & apostilled and on the way by Feb. 1.
  5. For all of the children in need. I've learned so much watching my friends go through this. This little girl, Katie, has particularly touched my heart. She is nine and a half. She looks less than a year old.
Finally, a prayer of thanksgiving. So much unexpected good has come from them opening their hearts and allowing us in. New friends have been met, existing friendships have strengthened, closer relationships with God have been forged and others have considered bringing orphans &/or special needs children into their homes. This amazing little guy has no idea how many of us love him and how many lives he has touched. Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing him into OUR lives.

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