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Monday, June 25, 2012

one month....

Four Mondays ago we picked our son up from the orphanage, and drove away with him forever.  No, it's not one month home yet, but one month out of a life of forever behind bars.  It's been an amazing month, and it feels like he's always been here with us.  I know lots of families probably say the same thing, but it's true.  He's ours, there's no doubt about it!

Here are some fun things we've learned in the last month:

1. Bulgarian poop stinks....much worse than any other we've ever smelled.
2. This little guy can eat!  And it's truly his favorite thing to do.
3. Sleep is fun....get some when you can, he wakes up early.
4. Independence is good, and he will play in his room as long as you want him to!
5. Dogs and toddlers are a great combination.  Dogs who must wear the "cone of shame" and toddlers are not a great combination.
6. LOVE.  He loves and knows who we are.  He seeks us out in a crowd, and wants to know where we are.
7. He is SMART!  Colton has already learned more than 15 signs, and is working on words.  He will "go" on the potty, but isn't really ready to potty train.
8. He pushes buttons...and knows just how cute he really is and will do his very best to use it to his advantage.
9. I've learned that being pregnant and chasing a toddler takes a superhero's amount of energy.  And I'm just about out!
10.  More people should do this.

That's the update for now.  Still working hard to continue blogging, but I know I've seriously been lacking.  If you've ever considered adoption please pray about it now.  It's SO VERY worth it all.


  1. Don't worry too much about the potty. He will learn! Boys ALWAYS take longer. Don't compare him to anybody else. These things I have learned over the years.

    He is so cute! What a little blessing!

  2. Thanks for the update. It is always nice to see how everyone settles in. I think that in the beginning parents need to sleep whenever the kids sleep. It makes a world of difference.

  3. Hi! I'm hoping you might know the answer for this: We're wanting to adopt using an agency that won't boot us out if we get pregnant. You're the only person I know of who has done so. Would you mind telling me who your agency is, or how to find one like that?